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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously on Heroes (now with Linderman voiceover action): 'collect lives fixed in paint'
* Bennet, imprisoned. "I can show him things that'll make him want to tear his eyes out."
* "I'll be remembered as a humanitarian." -Linderman
* Healer!
* Matt, chatting with Bennet.
* "If you see him, tell him I want my sword back." -Linderman
* Oooh, stories from the past. They found each other, tried to make a difference. And then, some 'lost their way.'
* Healing one person at a time, not enough. (Hello, 4400.)
* New York as 'an acceptable loss'! .07%! Watchmen!
* Nathan will be the uniter. "As I said, we all have our role to play." Peter's 'curtain call' will be the day after the election.
* "Not now." Flying glass stabitty! Right in the Claire-spot! HIT WITH symbolism MAP!
* "Nathan's folly in Texas." Shipping Claire to Paris!
* 'Choose to join this madness, like I once did.' Yay she is a super-shoplifter!
* A gift for his favorite messenger? Isaac nooooooo
* D.L. wants to leave with Micah.
* Hee, springing Ted first. Hey, did they get Ted a haircut?
* Mohinder brought Peter's body to Mrs. Petrelli.
* "The fearsome Jessica, finally." -Linderman
* "I need to borrow your Micah, briefly." Chocolate milk, and all the cookies he can eat!
* EMP! "He says: don't burn hot, burn bright."
* "He isn't supposed to die this way."
* "You're the only one that made me feel safe."
* "What do you do with something that's killed you?"
* "Maybe she's here to save us!"
* Destroy the tracking system in New York!
* "You're middle management!" Oh, Matt, you magnificent bastard, I love you.
* "How would you like to save the world today?"
* Mohinder calls in Primatech! "The best way to stop Sylar is for us to work together."
* "You're the one who's going to kill me... I tried fighting the future, but it's too big for me."
* Crucified!
* "I finally know my part in all this." Sent off the pictures telling them how to defeat Sylar!
* Hee, Nathan's using more symbolism the shard of glass to open the painting.
* "She warms up. Sort of." Only a week in Paris!
* Meanwhile, five years in the future...
* Learn mistakes before returning, sharp.
* Notes! Timeline! Future Hiro!


Now, let's chat.
Linderman's talk about the past: did the company break away? How does this relate to Sulu? Who did Mrs. Petrelli side with? How long has this all been going on? And how awesome was that evil painting?
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