PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Yeah, last night was bebe night for me, so the Angel discussion starts *now*.

* Skip is evil? Nooo. I don't like having too many wacky modern demons, but he was the archetype. I'll miss the lil' guy.
* I'm a big fan of the Whedonverse cosmology of Good being intangible and inscrutable, and Evil being very tangible and obvious. In general.
* OK, I am done defending Connor. Holst must be rolling over in his grave. Who knew his upbringing could have gone so wrong!
* Whoah, Darla as the voice of reason? I like.
* And AW YEAH, it's Zoe from Firefly. Sah-weet.

And now, the big discussion. The Super-Evil Cordelia Mastermind plan. With *everything* and *all these plot points* leading up to this finale. Were this a show finale, I would understand. However, with that being up in the air, I am unsure about it.

Part of my feelings also come from the 'shocking swerve' category. This is a wrestling term, for when the writers have someone go from good to evil, or some other shocking storyline development, to get people's attention or what have you. This can really work, but other times, it can be really forced or not make sense. This was a problem I had with Smallville a couple weeks ago (when we get the secret message from the ship.) That the storyline reason might be contrived, just to make it *a shocking twist.* And I kind of got the same feeling last night, with *everything* leading up to this point. It can still work, but I am wary, and now the onus is on the writers, who *better* deliver. If you're gonna tie up a lot of things in the backstory in this one Season-Ender storyline, it has to be more than a monster of the week.

I didn't explain that well, but, yeah.

Wesley: You were mortal enemies. Why should you care what happened to her?
Angel: Because you did.
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