PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Happy Earth Day!

Today, hit a cookout with the munchkin, at elizardaa and dreamerdevie's place in Riverdale. Excellent times! Too much tasty food, and lots of good conversations with friends. The weather was great, not hot or humid, and I only had to get out of the sun a couple times. Bebe even had a blast, as she also had a ready pool of people to play with her (especially bluefaith, shibakiei, and annecognito, my bebe-hangin' posse.)

We also got in a (long) round of Eco Fluxx, so we could pretend to be filthy hippies.

And now, a post from Zoe, transcribed/edited by me...

From: Zoe
Subject: I had a good day

I had a good day. I blowed bubbles. Catching bubbles. Slimy hands. Bubble girl. You know why Joia called me a bubble girl? Because I keep getting bubbles in everything. Bubble eyes, bubble head, bubble everything! Bubble this, bubble that. Bubble nose! Bubble cheeks! And bubble arms. And bubble legs.

Thank you. Bye bye!
Tags: 2007, bebe, not news

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