PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Hereinafter, on the morally and legally thorny question of abortion, the proposed rule should be weighed against the gauzy sensitivities of that iconic literary creature: the Inconstant Female."

Hey, if you want to keep your Social Security number secret, make sure not to give it to, uh, the federal government.

* What should have been big news this week.
* Analysis shows Gonzales didn't doo too well this week. And both National Review and New Republic agree. (Bonus: zing.)
* More scandal for Wolfowitz and his mistress.
* Traffic fatalities a leading cause of death worldwide?
* "Moribund during the Soviet era, the Orthodox Church has been reborn as a powerful force in Russian life."
* Could global warming cause wars?
* Will Law & Order be renewed?
* WKRP is finally on DVD - except it has been gutted. (Courtesy warmaster.)

Spider-man: the Musical?

New honors for Star Wars on its 30th anniversary.

"Immense coils of hot, electrified gas in the Sun's atmosphere behave like a musical instrument, scientists say. These 'coronal loops' carry acoustic waves in much the same way that sound is carried through a pipe organ."
Tags: comic books, movies, news, science!, tv
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