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"If there was one single moment in this morning's testimony by Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales before the Senate Judiciary Committee that encapsulates the sheer gall and shamelessness of the man in the hot seat, it occurred at about 10:52 when he said that questions about 'partisan politics' within the Justice Department actually are an insult to (and criticism of) the career attorneys who bring controversial cases. For that cruelly cynical statement alone - pretending that legitimate criticism of his own failed leadership as Attorney General actually is instead unfair criticism of some of the victims within the Justice Department - Gonzales deserves to be fired. Not in a month. Not in a week. Today."
-Andrew Cohen

* Hee. Paul Kane on why you shouldn't piss off Arlen Specter. Wow.
* Dana Milbank on the attorney general's amnesia.
* More from Paul Kane on the rough questioning from Republican 'friends' at the hearing.
* Dahlia Lithwick can't figure out the attorney general's strategy.
* Entertaining LiveOnline transcript with Slate senior editor Emily Bazelon. Includes counts of "I don't recall." (Courtesy multiplexer.)
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