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Previously, on Lost...


* Previously: "You're going to die, Charlie."
* Superman vs. the Flash! This episode was written for me.
* Crossbow'ed! Backwards-time!
* "Did you eat those mushrooms Jack warned us about?" -Hurley
* And... the monastery? "God tests our faith in many ways."
* Borrow the first aid kit, sure. Way to not-limp on your not-sprained ankle, dude.
* [ZOMG #1 tonight's episode written by comic book rock star Brian K. Vaughan!]
* Totally need to track down the "like a jigsaw puzzle" quote.
* He wants it to happen?
* "Did I tell who what?" -Kate
* "Perverts." -Sawyer

Sawyer: You need me to make you a mix tape?
Kate: Yeah, why don't you do that.

* Jin! Spear! "Camping?"
* "Someone's coming to the island." -Desmond
* ZOMG #2 Colonel Bogey March. Seriously, why hasn't this been in the show before?
* And, wine. Moriah Vineyards. (Bonus:
* Value of sacrifice, etc.
* "Almost didn't know what to do with myself." -Kate
* And now, angry sex. "Shut up and don't talk."
* ZOMG #3 Jin's ghost story. Brilliant.
* Penny's pic. "With enough money and determination you can find anyone, she said."
* Or, CRASHING. Too far out! Lights in the sky!
* "Were you even listening to Hurley when he mentioned Rousseau's death trap?" -Charlie
* "Then I guess it's supposed to happen without me."
* "Hello Ruth." Left a week before the wedding! Ouch.
* Blacked out while drinking, huh?
* "You two arguing over who's your favorite Other?" -Sawyer
* Ping pong! Purple haze! "If we don't play every 108 minutes the island explodes."
* "There is no next." -Desmond
* Stepping on Hurley!
* A copy of Catch-22 in Portuguese, huh? We've only heard that language once before...
* Satellite phone!
* "That would be Penny."
* Hee, mix tape. The best of Phil Collins! Stolen from Bernard!
* "I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want anything to change." -Desmond
* Hooray for booze!
* "I'm afraid you're beyond penance, Desmond."
* "What am I supposed to do now?" "Whatever comes next."
* Yay Hurley recap!
* "You got something against the fastest man alive?"
* And Desmond changes it! "Dude."
* "I was supposed to let you die, Charlie." Like God tested Abraham.
* And, found.
* ZOMG #4 familiar looking clock lady in the photo on the abbot's desk. (Well, poorly Photoshopped, but still.)
* And, here's Penny. "Sorry, I didn't know monks could be fired."
* Well of course it's not Penny!

Next week: "I lose either way."

[EDIT: Will add more pics once the site gets around to updating.-11:47 AM ET]
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