PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was some surprisingly tasty pizza, and the delightful film 24 Hour Party People. Ostensibly the story of Factory Records and Tony Wilson from 1976 to 1992, this one covers a lot more ground. It straddles the fine line between documentary and, uh, not documentary, but is very self-aware about it, mixing in just a twinge of the surreal and the breaking down of the 4th wall. it keeps it all in the proper ratio, though, and the story just flows along, aided by great, great music. But man, the actor playing Tony Wilson looked like Jack Davenport (the lead guy in Ultraviolet) and sounded like Alan Rickman.

So, another movie crossed off the list of movies I want to see. Note, this is a literally infinite list. And another movie added to the list of those I wish to buy.

To answer a previously-asked question, Al Jazeera reports on the economic ties between Iraq and French, Russia, Germany and Iraq.

"In their book An Incomplete Education, Judy Jones and William Wilson list the favorite colors of famous poets. T.S. Eliot loved eggplant, sable, and mustard. Wallace Stevens preferred vermilion, chartreuse, and wine, while Ezra Pound liked ivory and jade. In light of current astrological omens, which are nudging you in the direction of greater subtlety and precision, I urge you to draw inspiration from these poets' lyrical tastes. Refine your definitions of your favorite everything, Scorpio: colors, smells, feelings, tastes, physical sensations, tones of voice, types of wind, qualities of light -- everything."

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