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"As it was last time, Bush's Bubble may be the central problem. Bush seems to think that through sheer force of will - and repetition - he will convince people that his cause is just - in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. And why does he think that? Quite possibly, because virtually everyone he talks to - and virtually everyone he sees - is already in his camp."

"Supreme Court says Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act does not violate women's constitutional rights."

The Boston Globe's Charlie Savage wins the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for his stories on Bush's misuse of signing statements.

* The administration is still waffling on Darfur.
* New reasons not to use the term 'war on terror'.
* A series of bombings in Bagdhad kill over 150.
* Promoting democracy, at home and abroad.
* "A DOJ process that exalts partisan political loyalty over independence and fairness is a fundamentally flawed one."
* Tom Tomorrow on then and now.
* On the presidential campaign and expenses and haircuts. (Courtesy warmaster.)
* Not just for Star Trek: magnetic shields to block astronauts from radiation?

Anthony Bourdain trashes the Food Network Awards. (Courtesy muskrat_john.)

The Year Of Flops Case File takes on Lady In The Water.

xkcd on Snopes.
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