PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

seriously, I wrote this last night

New trailers:
* I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry - OK, guys, title's too long. Yeesh. This isn't rocket science, people. Anyways. Uh, if the idea of an Adam Sandler movie about two straight guys getting married to get the domestic partnership benefits sounds funny to you, well, this is right up your alley.
* Hostel 2 - Skipped the first one, skipping the second.
* Hot Fuzz - This will be the best buddy cop comedy by the makers of Shaun of the Dead this year!
* Superbad - This wacky new generation of high school comedy is too far outside my purview.
* Halloween - A remake of the original by Rob Zombie? Hurm. Doubtful, even if Sabretooth plays Myers. Decent casting, at least.
* 1408 - Stephen King ghost story, with John Cusack in the lead? You've got my attention.
Tags: movies, not news

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