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"The full story of what happened on Baghdad's airport road that day may never be known. But a Washington Post investigation of the incidents provides a rare look inside the world of private security contractors, the hired guns who fight a parallel and largely hidden war in Iraq. The contractors face the same dangers as the military, but many come to the war for big money, and they operate outside most of the laws that govern American forces."

Checking in with the Zeitgeist Checklist.

* Alberto Gonzales defends himself. The LATimes asks, is he incompetent or out of touch? I ask, is one really better than the other?
* Are we facing a nuclear power race in the Middle East?
* Editorial on the imaginary voter fraud theory.
* Competing spy agencies in Iraq. They are learning from us!
* McCain doesn't see alternatives in Iraq, either.
* "How Sahara became one of the biggest financial flops in Hollywood history."
* In pictures: art by the official US Marine war artist.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
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