PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What is really astonishing is that all of these people who are so angry at us for making this effort to dislodge Saddam Hussein were not angry when he slaughtered 100,000 Kurds, or attacked and slaughtered thousands of Shia in the south. They never protested Saddam Hussein's plastic shredders that he uses on dissident, or the rape he uses against the wives of dissidents."
-Cliff May, in an Talking Point article questioning whether the war will create more problems in the Middle East.

A second veteran diplomat resigns over the Bush administration's foreign policy.

Hooray for equality!: Al-Qaida now admitting women.

The Web portal Lycos reported that "Al-Jazeera" became its top search term last week, with three times more searches than "sex."

* Richard C. Hottelet explains why Mideast commitment is crucial.
* Mugabe: still awful after all these years.
* ACLU attorney fighting digital surveillance.
* And a damn fine article on the language of war.

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