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Previously, on Lost...

And velcome, to Fantasy Island!

* Previously: Mittelos.
* Make camp... next to a river?
* Asking Jack about his missing week.
* "OK. Let's have it." -Sayid
* Calamity Jane! Ethan! Downtown!
* Cancer's gone, and she's 100% preggers.
* "Who are you?" "You'd kill me." "She's under my protection."
* Claire's out of it.
* Herarat Aviation (as noted elsewhere, and anagram for Earhart. Though, I confess, the first thing I thought of was the mountains of Ararat.)
* "You'd be amazed at how time flies once you're there."
* Mmmm, OJ and... tranqs. Huh.
* "Why were you fine with those things?"
* Can't tell her where, see things she never imagined, etc.
* Chug!
* Sub!
* "My name is Benjamin Linus."
* Oh, hi Jack. And posse. And... Juliet.
* "So, you're like one of them, huh?"
* Heh, sent to keep an eye on her.
* "We buried him over there." Wait, did Hurley just threaten her? DAMN.
* Goodwin! Patient, gone. "It was Sabine's choice to get pregnant."
* "I think it happens at conception." Whoah.
* Sorry she couldn't help.
* "She'll be dead before then. Her cancer's back."
* Cure her! "Jacob said he would take care of it himself."
* Affects all the women on the island.
* Sawyer's suspicious (and rightly so.) Claire's worse.
* "Because I think I know what's wrong with Claire... Because I did it to her."
* Sawyer and Sayid scheme.
* Mother's body turns on the pregnancy. Except Claire. (So, uh, did Sun conceive on or off the island?)
* Claire was the control case? Ethan. "He improvised." Kidnapping, not part of the plan.
* Serum kept near the caves. Hey, someone remembered the caves.
* Hellooo, Goodwin.
* Heh, Ben's finishing Carrie. Tumor, L4 vertebrate.
* No one on the island has cancer... except Ben.
* (That doesn't look like it's near the caves.)
* Big tree, weird mark. (M. notes it also looks something like the astrological symbol for Uranus.) Buried case. Followed!
* "You know what's interesting? Tha you two are the camp's moral police."
* And, medical supplies.
* Sawyer shot a man in cold blood the night before the flight!
* Downtown! Book club. BOOM. (I love these visuals.) Need to talk.
* Down to the Flame Station. I like how they are walking around, seemingly unarmed, in street clothes.
* Huh, worried Mikhail might shoot them. He's checking out TV coverage of the crash. Ben wants details on everyone.
* Today's paper. And, 'live' with Richard from Arcadia Park. Calamity Jane! And her son!
* (Calls back Richard, as they have 'new visitors.')
* "Then we'll find more mothers." EEE.
* "I'm already on my own, Jack."
* Driveshaft ring! And Claire's better.
* Jack brings Juliet supplies. Man, he's a dope trusting. "Makes you one of us."
* And, plotting with Ben. Magnificent. "We've activated the implant in Claire." Gasmask! "See you in a week."
* And in case you're curious, when she's looking around, we see a, b, and c.
* Tying the knot.

Next week: five episodes remain!

Heh. I was worried they were trying to make us like Juliet and sympathize with her... right up until the end.

Also: Ben asks Mikhail for info on everyone on the plane. Implying that he didn't know about the crash ahead of time, but he wants to know all about any potential survivors. Is he looking for something/someone? I note the plane brought him Jack (to cure him,) Locke (with his connection,) Claire (with child,) Sun (also with child,) and Walt (and whatever is up with him.) Pretty fortuitous.

And why would he be worried about Mikhail shooting them?

And where are the Others going that they need gasmasks!

[EDIT: OK, all caught up. -8:46 AM ET]
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