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"The slowly-unfolding disclosure that some White House aides use non-government e-mail servers to conduct official business may soon be reaching scandal proportions." "At the end of the day, it looks like they were trying to avoid the records act... by operating official business off the official systems."

How the pattern of war is shifting to adjust to the troop buildup in Iraq.

LiveOnline transcript with veteran reporter Sam Kiley, on his reports from Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere.

* New poll says most Americans support Gonzales stepping down.
* Three retired generals have turned down the White House's offer to administer the wars.
* "As Iraq observed the fourth anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein yesterday, the lead item on the White House Web site, under the heading LATEST NEWS, was a photograph of Clifford the Big Red Dog at the annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn." (Meanwhile, Iraqis protested.)
* What is Iran thinking, anyways?
* Opium continues to thrive in Afghanistan.
* Editorial on Bush's confusion on immigration.
* The ongoing controversy over voter fraud and voter identification laws.
* Nifty. John Edwards works a shift in a nursing home.
* Russia tightens restrictions for adoptions by Americans. (Courtesy muskrat_john, who details his personal involvement and heartache here.)
* 'Stem cells shown to rein in Type 1 diabetes'
* On sexuality, your genetic code, and your brain. Bonus: on desire.
* Inside the world's largest particle accelerator.
* This isn't really anything new for Don Imus. I'm just glad he's getting called on it this time. But, is it becoming a theme in our society?
* Have celebrity gossip mags reached a plateau?
* Will there be a posthumous pardon for Jim Morrison?

Mind games and a ghost of the Cold War.

"Those are Chuck Norris Action Jeans, and just in case your mind can't process it because you are too busy freaking out, they are pants specifically designed to be worn while you are kicking people in the face. And they retail for less than twenty dollars."
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