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keepin' busy

Saturday, hit another lovely birthday party in Virginia. And as the next day was Easter, we were able to crash without worrying about getting stateside in time! So, naturally, we ended up getting stateside early enough anyways (to accommodate t1tdave and ceciskittle, who generously gave us a ride there and back again.) Anyways. Party! Good stuff, per usual. No outrageous shenanigans, just quality time with friends.

Sunday, met up with my family (plus A. and her new boyfriend, and his kids) at a restaurant in Crofton, Jasper's. Now, in the past, Jasper's has treated us pretty decently, and had no problems handling a large table. This was not one of those times. Nonetheless, we managed to have a good dinner out of it, despite some crankiness on a certain young lady's part.

Monday, loads of bebe, as she had the day off from day care. Watched Happy Feet, which as noted elsewhere was downright odd. But I think I dig it.

That evening was book club. Not everyone hated the book as much as I did. Huh. Nevertheless, we had a good discussion, and were entertained by the antics of a certain fluffy cat, and ate tasty chow, so a fine evening.

(Next read: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I already have my library copy! As always, everyone is welcome to join us.)

Yesterday, chock full of busy. In the morning, MVA in Glen Burnie. I haven't gone into the latest shenanigans with the car yet, but oddly enough, the state wants money from me. If you know anyone who can hook me up with a new identity, in case I need to go on the lam, let me know.

Then, lunch with imamsawez at the Indian place in Silver Spring. No, the other one. Much catching up and off-color humor.

Then, bebe pickup, and as noted, library trip. Bebe picked out another book, with exactly as much work put into it as last time.

And yesterday evening, more hanging with bonus munchkins (specifically those belonging to shibakiei.) Zoe got along well with the older of the two brothers (all of six years old,) who were in town for their spring break. Once again, I am duly impressed with anyone who can keep track of multiple children, as one is a full-time job for me.

And last night we finished watching Rome. Awesome stuff, I have to admit. And yes, the older Octavian did grow on me after a while. Though not as much as Cleopatra.
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