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Ghost Ship was decent, but nothing to write home about. Humorously gory opening scene, sure, and a lot more backstory than I usually get (which also makes me glad I saw it on DVD.) So, a decent horror flick, if it's late and there's nothing else on cable.

Anime watchers, I'm looking for impartial (read: non-fanboy) reviews of Berzerk and Now and Then, Here and There.

Local telecom news: Cogent breaches loan covenants. This is bad news.

"Meanwhile, isn't it amazing how the media's role in this war is being debated almost as much as the war itself?" -Howard Kurtz

More on the battle between Rumsfeld and the Pentagon. (stolen from professorbooty)

The debate over the state of the war as a question of perception, as the embedded reporters bring a flood of constant information, as well as the disparity between what the field reporters are saying and what the Pentagon is confirming.

First in a new Post series on how people around the world are perceiving the war in Iraq through their local media: watching with New Delhi Hindus.

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