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The Feith memo is declassified, giving us more information about how the administration led the country into war. Of course, the vice-president still sticks to his guns, despite what 'facts' and 'evidence' say otherwise.

Excellent read: what about the rest of Dr. King's message? (Courtesy professorbooty.)

Summing up the 'collapse' of the Bush administration.

* Gates doesn't know how long the troop surge will last. Is there someone he could ask, maybe?
* The freed British sailors describe poor treatment.
* Also, Gonzales still hasn't done his homework. More on the Justice Department refusing to release documents.
* The nation's 911 system is woefully behind the times.
* China turns to Brazil's soybeans.
* Gingrich clarifies his statement on "the language of living in a ghetto." Joe Biden should offer his sympathies.
* "Nobody who supports public funding of abortion is going to be the nominee of the Republican party."
* Oh my, it's the return of the right-wing conspiracy.
* Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis jailed for contempt of court. Not long enough, IMHO.

Science! Researchers find answer to why small dogs are small.

The AV Club interviews Paul Verhoeven.

The Post Express interviews Eddie Izzard.
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