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Previously, on Lost...

"I don't... like... blankets."

* Previously: Sawyer gets played.
* It was Kate, in the game room, with the pool cue.
* But Juliet knows KUNG FU. "Enjoy your sandwich." Le snap!
* "Three days for a fanbelt?" "Welcome to Iowa."
* Takes a con to know a con.
* Oh, hi Locke. "I'm leaving with them... I don't want to go home, Kate."
* Locke's totally becoming one of them! Excellent.
* Hee, Hurley the informer. Banish?
* Mmm, sandwich.
* The Others are... moving out? Gas masks?
* Gas canister!
* Country bar? "I fell in love with the wrong guy."
* And, jungle. Handcuffed!
* Learning to fish! Heh, Sun.
* "Dude, you stink." -Hurley
* Apologies!
* "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on." -Kate
* Ambush!
* She just wants to know why she was betrayed?
* Trail! Rain? "Ben has a thing for mind games."
* Girlfight! If only there was some mud... "Are you done?!"
* Bonus Beast-Cam!
* (Strobe light? Huh.)
* "I ain't kissin' no damn baby!"
* (Wait, didn't Aaron used to love Sawyer's voice?)
* Hee, Claire.
* Juliet's never seen the Beast before?
* 4th time her arm's been dislocated?
* So, Desmond is actually boar-hunting this time. (How many bullets do they have?)
* Soup! "Hi mom."
* "You can't help who you love, Katherine."
* Hey, there's my mudpit from earlier! Heh.
* "Alright. We don't know what it is, but we know it doesn't like our fences." -Juliet
* "...Maybe I wouldn't get left behind again."
* And, welcome to Sawyer's luau.
* "What meeting?"
* "You son of a bitch!"
* "But wasn't it nice... being nice?"
* Temporary leader! But really, it was Hurley setting it in motion.
* "Sucks for you, dude."
* Yay happy montage sequence!
* And, back to Other Suburbia. "They all left."
* "Now? Now we go back." -Jack
* "I'm pregnant." -Cassidy
* Oh, hi Sayid. Fifty people, no trail. "She is not coming with us." "Yes, she is... Because they left her behind, too."

Next week: "I want to know everything."

See, we guessed Hurley was making up the voting thing, but didn't know why, so that was a groovy ending. However, I find it hard to believe that Kate and Jack are buying what Juliet's selling.

But I think Juliet was telling the truth about the Beast.

And, even almost three years in, and knowing what we know, the Beast is *still* scary. Like the Quake noise, that rattling roar will haunt me, even unto the end of my days.
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