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Busted: John McCain out for a stroll in Iraq. (Courtesy necrocannibal.) Bonus: asking Iraqis what they think about his claims.

So about those benchmarks in Iraq...

Dana Milbank gives us the view from the Rose Garden. Bonus: crazy video of Cheney, hiding in the bushes. Literally. (Courtesy rstevens.)

Government by the fox-in-the-henhouse.

* Iran released the British sailors.
* Fred Kaplan takes the administration to task over their own statements. More from the returning Mr. Froomkin (and read down for more fact-checking.)
* Bush fires back against Matthew Dowd.
* Citizens respond to the crime wave in New Orleans.
* See, I'm not convinced Pelosi should be playing diplomat...
* Obama kicks the fund raising into high gear.
* The Wal-Mart spy.
* Combining migraine drugs to improve treatment.
* Pro wrestling is making a comeback, and doing it globally.
* My dream job: the man with the voice of Hollywood.

It's official: the daylight savings time move was pointless. (Courtesy warmaster.)

'Coyote enters Chicago Quiznos sandwich shop; lies down in cooler'

Wow. Keith Richards really outdid himself this time. (Courtesy frecklefaerie.)
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