PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"If there is one thing that Americans won't tolerate, it is lying by those who hold positions of trust, which is why we call them positions of trust. Why is it so difficult for the powerful to remember that?"
-Bob Schieffer

Good read: Matthew Dowd, Bush's campaign strategist, speaks out against the president.

* "The Supreme Court found today that the Clean Air Act expressly authorizes the E.P.A. to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, contrary to the E.P.A.’s contention."
* "It is no longer just a place where spies, not the most forthcoming of sorts, can network with other spies and business partners; the group is working to introduce a growing network of private contractors, large and small, to government intelligence agencies."
* A journalist's crusade against pedophilia has made her a target in her own country.
* The Smithsonian needs to get back to basics.
* Aardman signs three-year deal with Sony.

I Heard It On NPR: Sister Aimee, Christian Radio Pioneer
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