PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

How the Army broke in Iraq.

Has Bush poisoned the presidency?

Checking in with the Zeitgeist Checklist.

* "Federal investigators are reviewing the activities of 103 scientists who may have had improper links to pharmaceutical companies while they were employed at the National Institutes of Health, apparently resurrecting a conflict-of-interest inquiry that many in the agency thought was closed."
* Abandoned: the Katrina rebuilding, nineteen months later.
* How the Census Bureau aided in the Japanese internments in WW2.
* Disturbing news from the Coast Guard Academy.
* Why Congress must reject secret testimony.
* WTO says U.S. ban on offshore Internet gambling is illegal.
* Former homeland security secretary nominee Bernard Kerik may face felony charges.
* No .xxx domain.
* Score one for the Lorax: federal judge overturns key environmental rules.
* "Brain damage, evolution, and the future of morality."
* Massachusetts plans to build the nation's first offshore wind farm.
* What can bring together Shiite and Sunni? Simon Cowell. Also, Howard Stern sets his sights on Idol.

The ISB brings you the most awesome thing you'll hear today: "Nazi Frankenstein"

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
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