PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Does everyone in the Bush administration have amnesia? Alberto Gonzales kept saying he wasn't involved in any discussions about the firing of U.S. attorneys, but according to his former chief of staff yesterday, he was - several times over. Gonzales couldn't even recall a conversation with the president involving GOP complaints about some U.S. attorneys, although Bush remembered it."

Setting the record straight on the situation on the ground in Iraq.

* Meet the nine senators who can alter the face of the war in Iraq.
* BBC correspondent Alan Johnston remains missing in Gaza.
* LiveOnline with David S. Broder.
* "What will Mayor Adrian Fenty do about Bishop Alfred A. Owens?"
* Examining the subprime mortgage crisis.
* Japan braces for a retirement boom.
* Art by Audubon that isn't birds.
* Meet the new face of Miramax.

Three weeks with the Phelps family (of Westboro Baptist Church fame.)
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