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Previously, on Lost...

Colt .45, works every time.

* Previously: Er, right, Nikki's running. And digging. And burying... something small.
* Corvette! "All I wanna do, is Zoom-a-Zoom Zoom Zoom"
* Money for the orphanage! LANDO! And, cut.
* Meanwhile, more ping-pong.
* "Dude, Nikki's dead." -Hurley
* "Who the hell is Nikki?" -Sawyer
* 84 days ago
* The new chef, Paulo. The, uh, Wolfgang Puck of Brazil.
* And, they killed him. Russian Doll? "Razzle-freakin'-dazzle."
* Plywood? Powerlines? "Paulo lies!"
* Yay Shannon and Boone! Hee, 'quit flirting with random guys.' I so miss her. Well, I miss when she was snarky.
* CRASH. Arzt! Paulo! "Where's the bag?"
* And, Paulo's dead.
* "Why are his pants undone? And why is his shoe in that tree?" -Hurley
* "You're messing up the crime scene."
* Hee, Forensics Hatch.
* Hey, thanks Ethan!
* (This is like some backwards clips show. I'm totally digging it, too.)
* "Yeah, that's not really better." -Hurley
* Yay Arzt! 20 new species. Also, the medusa spider, which I am sure will be a plot point later.
* And, they found the other plane! And the Pearl hatch!

Charlie: Could be a virus.
Hurley: Dude. Monster.

* "It's like Baywatch, only better." -Hurley
* Walkie talkie! Like the Others!
* "The pigs are walking!" -Dr. Arzt
* Hee, waterfall pool. Bag worth... $8 million.
* "Things don't stay buried long on this island." -Locke
* Paulo at the Pearl! Sees Ben and Juliet!
* "They need to come to us." -Ben
* "As far as superpowers go, yours is kinda lame." -Hurley
* Yelling at Sawyer? Huh.
* Vincent NOOOO
* "Sun... it was me." -Charlie
* OMG she is going to kill him.
* Heh, that's why Paulo didn't want Nikki going to the Pearl.
* And, the gun wasn't even loaded.
* Buried... diamonds!
* "Did you know Thanksgiving was two weeks ago?" -Nikki
* Not finding it = good for them.
* Wait, he had a three month supply of nicorette gum?
* "And who the hell are you?" -Sawyer
* She won't tell Jin. "Because then we'd have to dig another grave."
* Another patented Hurley eulogy. And the diamonds.
* Paralysis... about eight hours? Heh.
* "I was afraid of losing you..." -Paulo
* "...para...lyzed..."

Next week: 'This jungle will rumble.' (They didn't actually say that, did they?)

OK, I loved this episode. A perfect little Tales from the Crypt morality play, after making us think there was more to the characters all season. Plus, plot points revealed in an otherwise throwaway episode, and the wacky 'other side of things' viewpoint. Well done, dudes.

[EDIT: Pictures added. Last updated: 8:14 am.]
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