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Here's a clue: if you're innocent, you don't need to plead the fifth. And yes, the public and the media want answers.

Alternate fuels as a metaphor for Bush's presidency.

Howard Kurtz discusses Tony Snow's cancer diagnosis. (Bonus: how Tony Snow turned the daily White House briefing into a daily combat.)

* On the ground with the Iraqi 'Wolf Brigade'. Also, one journalist reports from inside Iran. Good read.
* Bush and Congress need each other to fix Iraq.
* Why Republican organizations are being ordered to preserve their e-mails.
* Harold Meyerson discusses the Republican mystery. John Dickerson sees an administration imploding.
* Working to unlock the secrets of the polar regions.
* China and Russia set their sights on Mars.
* Burger King shifts to more 'humane' meat and egg production.
* New interim Smithsonian head named after the previous one leaves in scandal.
* Life magazine moves online.
* Disney reconsiders a rerelease of Song of the South.
* That's a big fat toad.
* Comic book artist Marshall Rogers passed away.
* Highlander producer William Panzer passed away.

Today's top headline: Gangster who built world's tallest log cabin (Courtesy professorbooty.)

Skiing down the longest escalator on the London Underground. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)

Excellent read: what Philip K. Dick story are we living in today? (Also courtesy professorbooty.)
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