PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Sunday is Newz Day

yesterday was a lot of catching up on shows on tape (Scrubs, Smallville and The Shield.) (Whoah, all "S" shows.) Also, an abortive attempt at painting some Skaven interrupted by a certain crying bebe. And, we saw Ali G and it was awesome. He interviewed James Baker!

As it turns out, Batman and Robin wasn't that good a movie. I mean, I don't know where to begin in how terrible it actually was. I could attack it from being a bad movie, craft-wise. I could point out the extreme injustices to the source material, and the wasted potential. However, I don't think anyone here needs convincing. Man, it wasn't even funny-bad. But, I am glad I saw it for myself.

Top of the news, SARS. The disease has now killed the scientist who identified it. Other scientists question how large the epidemic will grow. Especially considering no drugs are effective against it.

And following yesterday's trend of under-reported news updates, the Haliburton unit didn't get one of the big contracts for rebuilding in Iraq.

* Finding the sources of the Arab world's view of the war. Also, why Al Jazeera matters, as outrage spreads in the Arab world.
* Despite reports that our forces in Iraq are inadequate, the military begins house-to-house sweeps. This, of course, invites comparisons to Vietnam which are pretty popular, despite the fact the war hasn't been going on for two weeks yet.
* TV struggling to find the balance between news and entertainment.
* Time for more historical perspective: What we need to remember from Lebanon, and Bush and the affects of public opinion. meanwhile, some military leaders say we need to effectively restart the war. (Reminder: not even two weeks in yet.)
* Modern conflicts illustrate what weapons we should be focusing on building.
* Planning ahead: redrawing the world order and finding NATO at the heart of the future.

(And if you think that was a lot of links, you shoudl see the ten I tossed out.)

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