PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The war on terror database has quadrupled in size in the past four years, rife with errors, invasions of privacy, and right, no easy way to remove names from the list. How useful is this actually?

The war photographer's story.

* The Army has been inaccurately listing the number of desertions in the past few years.
* On the ground in Talibanistan.
* Inside Washington's information underground.
* BAGnewsNotes presents some perspective on the British soldiers/Iranian incident.
* Should the head of the General Services Administration be discussing ways to help one party or another?
* Examining the slow pace at the Supreme Court.
* The new majority: "The biggest question is how far can Democrats go in opposing this president?"
* Back when Mitt Romney was pro-choice.
* In defense of teaching the Bible in public schools.
* Will Bravo ruin Television Without Pity?

Looking for the next generation of war games.

"It has probing arms and tooth-lined tentacles, a raptor-like beak and an insatiable craving for flesh — any kind of flesh, even that of humans."
Tags: news, science!

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