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"With the Cold War no longer defining East and West, a US conference invited delegates from both sides of the Atlantic to try to define the shape of the new world order. Does the West still exist? And if so, where does it begin and end?"

Karl Rove and the smoking gun in the US attorney scandal? USAToday provides a handy summary of the eight. The classic question remains: "What did Karl Rove know, and when did he know it?" And why does anyone think he will tell the truth?

Maryland Congressman opposes his party leadership on global warming. (Note: this is just a thinly veiled excuse to recommend you sign up on watchdog_md for all my Maryland news.)

* How about a progress report on the surge? It fails to mention how many Iraqi troops showed up to help, or how numbers compared to previous years.
* British Navy troops captured by Iran.
* The ambitious Iraqi plan to return the displaced.
* The new defense secretary wanted to close Guantanamo.
* Another guilty plea in the Abramoff scandal.
* Where are all the Republicans going?
* Whoah. Changing mice genes to let them see colors.
* NASA is designing a new spacesuit.
* NBC and NewsCorp team up to fight YouTube.
* Wolfgang Puck bans foie gras to fight animal cruelty.

Why are we so obsessed with the Victorians? presents another excellent photo gallery, these by Bill Frakes.
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