PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


So, yeah. Relatively sleep deprived today. Not entirely the fault of Lost, but, I'll blame them anyways. Metro ride in was certainly fun as a result, but been OK since I got here.

I'm blaming the sleep dep for forgetting the toys for warmaster that I was supposed to bring tonight. Whoops! Will have time to swing home and snag them, though.

Totally left my lunches for work in the car. Le dang. But, PURELY COINCIDENTALLY, work decided to feed us today. Karma!

Speaking of food, I think, instead of ramen next week, I will see if I can use the money and get enough veggies to feed myself for a week. Let's see.

I also remembered enough French to stumble through half a conversation here at work. I used to be quite good back in the day! But high school was a while ago.
Tags: food, not news

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