PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

1.) I have the best girlfriend ever, because she not only did my laundry (so I wouldn't be rushed tonight) but she also fixed my busted headlight. She's downright handy.

2.) This week may be stressful, but my next weekend, I get the one-two punch of dealing with the custody lawyer and then the MVA.

3.) I've decided not to be intimidated by my asshole co-worker. So, he doesn't like me. I get it. I've been told by lots of people that he doesn't like anyone, and he's just generally a jerk. On top of that, the shift I got here at work was, in fact, the shift he wanted to move to, but I got it because I needed to work around bebe schedule as best as possible, and this did the job. Sorry, dude, not my fault. Management could have told me 'no.' Either way, out of my hands. Deal.

So, today, after we got out of class, I was distracted by something online. I hear him grousing at something in the row behind me. Whatever, he's chatting with his chummy co-worker. Then he says something very loudly and obviously that I should quit reading the web and help out with the outage in progress. No, I didn't notice it. Yes, there were three other people there other than me, and no, not all of them were up on the outage. Yes, he reads non-work pages at work from time to time too.

But most importantly, if you want a hand (and mind you, I still don't have full access there, so my help remains somewhat limited) then ask me. Do not be a passive-aggressive asshole about it. And do not try to intimidate me with public humiliation in the work place. Sorry, no, I am not going to give you that satisfaction. Prick.
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