PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Catching up

Friday evening, we trekked out to the wilds of Virginia for Betty's birthday party. Good times, as always! The birthday girl has a good time, as did everyone else. Many shenanigans were had.

The initial plan was to crash there and leave at early o'clock, so I could make it back stateside for gaming, but insomnia hit in a funky way, so I was *completely awake* when the party was dying down. I convinced M. to pile into the car instead, and we drove home at some obscene hour, and I crashed for a couple hours here instead. I fear it left me a little hyper and chatty on Saturday, but these things happen.


After gaming Saturday, I swung by and picked up M. and we headed into Laurel for Gene and Telf's St. Patrick's Day Pot Luck party. Big crowd! Again, good times. Got to get extra bebe-time, too. And feasted on many tasty treats, while chatting with good friends. Can't complain.


And last but not least, after some confusion over plans yesterday, M. and I hiked over to Kim and Jack's pad after dinner. I re-learned Cosmic Wimpout, a.k.a. the dice-rolling extravaganza, and took the first game. M. took the second. After that, we taught them the card Phase Ten, which I dig. And it's a good thing I dig it, because after an inauspicious start I got completely stuck on the sixth phase, and only managed to crawl my way out, four tries later, on the last turn. *Grand.* Still, good times were had, and Kim and Jack are as always gracious hosts.
Tags: 2007, food, gaming, not news

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