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Thursday night we kicked off our sealed, Dungeons & Dragons Unhallowed League. I got a couple really good pulls (Vampiric Dire Wolf, Skyfire Captain, Blessed Hunter) so I was looking forward to kicking butt in this one. First fight took on warmaster, who brought some pain to the table. Mostly in the form of a Beholder Lich. Luckily, I had fought one before, and stayed out of its line of sight this time. Got the Wolf in the backfield, ran the Hunter up the middle, and closed the pincers. Mission accomplished.

Second game didn't fare as well. Aaron brought a Stone Giant and a Black Dragon. This is a nasty combo in any sort of sealed format, and I am eager to see what will be able to bring it down. Sacrificed the Hunter to the Dragon, ran the Wolf in, missed spectacularly, and the rest folded. MVP was the wee Dark Talon Champion, who *could not miss.* Which would be groovy if he, you know, did any sort of real damage. Still, awesome to watch him swing his cricket bat and keep on cruising over and over.

1-1 for the league.


Saturday, took a vacation day from work for an all-day Warmachine extravaganza. I brought 750 points of Cygnar (led by epic Haley) to defend the castle gates. My partner, the legendary Jeff, brought 500 points of Cygnar, the patrol rushing back to the castle gates. Took Stryker as his 'caster.

Hot on Stryker's tail was 750 points of Skorne (run by Tim) and 750 points of Mercenaries, run by warmaster, featuring epic Magnus. Which cyber-arm would reign supreme?!

Nasty day. They wiped out virtually all the patrol force, who managed to bring them in close to the castle gates. And once within range, I showed them, yet again, how abusive Alexia and her undead army is, and how good a defense hard cover on the walls could be. End of the day, the patrol force was virtually decimated, the ravening hordes outside were busting in to the castle gates (after heavy, heavy casualties, and I had lost... my sacrificial Trenchers. Would have been gruesome if we'd kept going, but at the point when we called it, the forces of Cygnar had decisively taken the field.

This week, more DDM League. Next week, Horrorclix at Dream Wizards.
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