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"But everything that Reagan said in 1985 about 'the other side' could easily apply to the conservatives of 2007. They are handcuffed to a political party that looks unsettlingly like the Democrats did in the 1980s, one that is more a collection of interest groups than ideas, recognizable more by its campaign tactics than its philosophy. The principles that propelled the movement have either run their course, or run aground, or been abandoned by Reagan's legatees. Government is not only bigger and more expensive than it was when George W. Bush took office, but its reach is also longer, thanks to the broad new powers it has claimed as necessary to protect the homeland."

Time special report: Four Years in Iraq

Bonus: US attorney scandal timeline.

* Why the administration is falling back on (completely unproven) claims of voter fraud.
* My, the confession by Khalid Shaikh Mohammed certainly is convenient.
* McCain takes flak for an unpopular stand.
* Bruce Bartlett has some comments on media bias.
* China passes new law on property.
* Wal-Mart decides against opening a bank.
* Fascinating story on the urban poor and the informal economy.
* What's so wrong with food coloring?
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