PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Lost...

I'm disappointed that the shark didn't jump up and eat the bird right here.

* Previously: "You're gonna die, Charlie."
* Eye... and Claire's a goth? And her mom's dead?
* Second eye! Ah, breakfast. Hee, 'mysterious island fruit.'
* Auntie Sun and Uncle Jin!
* Sign me up for Dharma Charms Cereal! Or, hunting boars? Birds flying? Funny, I didn't see anyone eating seagull before.
* "I think I know how to get us off this island." -Claire
* Catch the birds, huh. But, Charlie's spooked.
* "My father died when I was two."
* Rousseau's confession. "I have not asked you questions about my daughter, because I do not want to know the answers." Man, she's moody. And, by that, I mean, crazy.
* "Whatever he says will be a lie."
* Two weeks ago, underwater beacon went offline. EMP, sure.
* "You are not capable of understanding... because you are not on the list."
* Whoah, he knows everyone's last names. And is about to reveal something about Locke when...
* Cool fence!
* Jin's learning fast.
* Ouch, Mom's in a bad way.
* Expenses taken care of? Confidential?
* Yay snarky Claire! "You don't want me to catch the birds, do you?"
* Alarm system? Trap? Hasn't functioned in years? Check the electrical map.
* Yay Locke! "Thank you." AUGH GOOD LORD
* Cerebral hemorrhage! 'sonic weapon fence'
* Heh, C4. "Well, I stand corrected." (There's the Locke I remember.)
* "I don't want to advocate false hope, Claire."
* Y'know, Claire and Charlie kind of deserve each other.
* New doc? Jack's dad! ZOMG he's her dad too!
* Locke the lumberjack!
* Rudimentary lathe?
* So, who wants to go first? Heh.
* Watching Kate climb that makes me feel kind of funny...
* Dead Russian, neat. But why aren't they looting his corpse?
* Claire's a piercer!
* Man, I dig Jack's dad. Seriously.
* "She's alive, but not really living." "Do not keep your mother alive for the wrong reasons."
* Whoah, Desmond also has crazy bird-catching powers.
* And Claire totally knows something is up.
* Yay angry tagged bird!
* And, Claire's ungothy, and preggers.
* The note they tied to the bird was really groovy, actually. Will have to track it down later.
* "We're here." i.e., Suburbia.
* Oh, hi Jack!
* Just tossing around the football with Tom!

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