PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Nation was a treat last night. Not many people showed up (though I did get to see Amsterdamned, ikirus, Kermit, Baldur, alumiere, BlackCyclops and probably a couple more I am forgetting. Oh, and Jay, the best bartender in DC.

It's also neat going back to a place like this. Half the crowd, I recognize just from clubbing in 'the scene' for all these years. Nope, don't know their names or anything like that (except maybe a nickname I invented, to talk about them to other people.) (And while the Prince of DC wasn't there, we did see the Seneschal.)

RQ and I got much dancing in as well, after each of us having a few drinks (capped with a Red Bull and vodka, mmm.) And good music on the (old) dance floor, the big set at the end of the night starting with "Nine While Nine" (my 4th favorite Sisters of Mercy song) and "How Soon is Now?" It' was Gothtastic.

And there was a chick there with a big ol' afro, who was awesome.

So, yeah. Good night, and makes me wanna go back more often again. I won't be able to make a regular thing of it, of course, but maybe once a month or so. BC offered to carpool in the future, and I just may take her up on that.

And on the radio on the drive home? "Back in Black."
Tags: clubbing

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