PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

starting small

Bebe, yesterday, was a peach. We hung out, played on the playground, watched weird cartoons from the 70's. No complaints. Her mother's had her listening to the Cats soundtrack (A. seems to be covering the musicals-side of her education, which is fine with me) so before bed M. and I read Z. one of T.S. Eliot's poems that the show was based on. Language might be a bit past her, but I think she liked it. Maybe I can track down a copy with a bit more pictures in the future. (The Gorey illustrations in mine are classic, but not, well, overly plentiful.)

This morning, bebe was cooperative, even though we were slightly behind schedule and I was rushing her along to get her to school on time. (Which we did. The back route is phenomenally faster, and I regret not sticking with it in the first place.)

Mix CD - finally finished. Now to get the cover done, and get them to their rightful recipients.

Wish I could get more bureaucracy done today, but it all involves nominal fees I can't quite swing until payday. Feh.

Later, news and more comic books, because I know my target audience.
Tags: bebe, not news

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