PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"NASA said last week that it couldn't afford to hunt for all potentially Earth-threatening space objects, ensuring for now that the odds are that civilization wouldn't know about a lethal asteroid or comet until it hit."

* Bush heard the will of the American people, and decides to send more troops into the war. Because that's how he rolls.
* Good read: Alberto Gonzales, the failed attorney general.
* Heh. Co-founder of the Minutemen Project is ousted in an internal coup.
* Archaeologists have discovered a Roman settlement at the base of Silbury Hill, an ancient man-made mound in Wiltshire.
* Don't forget to consider the neuroscience evidence.
* Disney's newest princess.
* Stephen King enters the world of comic books.
* Intellectual and father of 'hyperreality' Jean Baudrillard passed away.
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