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"It's time for President Bush and Vice President Cheney to come clean about their roles in the White House's outing of a CIA agent and the ensuing cover-up... The conviction of a liar in their midst has made it more imperative than ever that the leaders of this country fully address the American people's legitimate concerns that the lies in question were intended to hide from public view even deeper skullduggery at the highest levels of the administration."
-Dan Froomkin (bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

"I think the essentials are quite clear: Dick Cheney's top aide lied about a campaign to manipulate the media on the administration's since-discredited prewar intelligence about Iraq. Like so much in our politics these days, it comes back to the war."
-Howard Kurtz

Post graphic: Fact vs. Fiction in the Libby Case

Analysis: the Libby verdict as another blow to the administration. Dana Milbank discusses the fallout. And the National Review, naturally, wants a pardon.

* Eugene Robinson on Walter Reed and the return of accountability.
* The next big scandal grows, surrounding federal prosecutors being pressured by members of Congress.
* "An ethical code to prevent humans abusing robots, and vice versa, is being drawn up by South Korea."
* Jenna Bush gets a book deal.
* "These days, when anyone can run a virtual media empire out of a dorm room, student-generated sex magazines, some with the imprimatur of university financing and faculty advisers, are becoming a fact of campus life."
* Diverse author John Ridley on his new graphic novel The American Way.
* Wine pioneer Ernest Gallo passed away.

Now that pirates are boring, Cat and Girl work on the next internet meme.

"Today, the effort has gained momentum, as scientists search for an evolutionary explanation for why belief in God exists — not whether God exists, which is a matter for philosophers and theologians, but why the belief does."
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