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Previously, on Heroes...

* Vegas!
* Mr. Bennet's blank, and his partner's gone rogue. "Sorry, can't let that be your errand." Hee, Parkman-check.
* (I like how they list Claire's name on screen, but not the Haitian's.)
* "You cannot understand the level of sacrifice he made so that you might live." -the Haitian
* And the Haitian calls... someone.
* Nathan gets a visit fro the FBI, still investigating the Linderman Group. Oh, hi Peter.
* "This is not the time for you to get noble." -Nathan
* Flood in the basement! Claire's at cheerleader camp.
* Wait, Mrs. B is in on it!
* "Claire is with friends. Don't go after her."
* "Don't worry, I know how to play dumb." Wait, how much does she know?
* "So, this is the list?" Formula! Isaac! "Hope is great, we need caffeine."
* "I already have you, Mr. Sylar." YAY MOHINDER
* Nathan-Hiro team-up!
* "You pretend that you do not care about anyone, but you care too much." -Hiro
* "There's nothing left of me." -Claire
* (How does the Haitian know about Peter?)
* Ha ha ha, stolen.
* "Candice is special, just like you." (In other news, Candice is a jerk.) "There's a crew coming to clean up this mess."
* "I promise, I won't do anything that I don't want to." -Jessica
* Niki left out the picture for D.L. to see! She's fighting back!
* Heh, curare. Can't control abilities.
* "You're a parasite. You killed my father and fed off his work." -Mohinder
* "There's only one thing to do with a parasite. Kill it before it kills again."
* "He called you patient zero." Formula! Spinal fluid! ZOMG.
* Nice art collection. Dead Sea fragment!
* Oh, hi Niki.
* Four separate genes answer everything? Sure.
* "I'm a natural progression of the species." -Sylar
* Oh.
* "You are your father's son." -Sylar
* Ah, smack. And visions of his own death.
* Mr. Bennet wants to stop The Company.
* SWORD! Jumped together... INTO THE FUTURE
* And Claire's going to... Peter? Ahahaha, Mrs. Petrelli knows! Hello, Haitian! Hee, grandmother was trying to protect her. How much does she know?
* Kill Linderman?
* Kitchen!
* "Do you enjoy vegetables, Mr. Petrelli?" -Linderman
* "Voila! A pot pie."
* Life of happiness vs. life of meaning, keen.
* "Now you can't have any of my pot pie."
* And Linderman knows plenty.
* White House!
* "I REMEMBER YOU" (That's totally not the Eden voice, folks.)

Man, another huge episode. And no new episodes until April 23rd? OK, fine. But I won't be happy about it.
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